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Customer Feedback

1.  Corrie and Gerrie van Rooyen perform field trials on the following calibers:
  • .270 Winchester using the 110 grain GS Custom Bullet on Sambar  [click here]
  • .243 Winchester using the 69 grain GS Custom Bullet on Red and Fallow Deer [click here]
  • .222 Remington using the 40 grain GS Custom Bullet on Fallow Deer [click here]
  • Corrie Reports about Lack of Meat Damage [click here]

2.  Michael Forrester evaluatest GS Custom Bullets using various rifles and calibers:
  • Whole article (history, rifles, calibers, loads, field tests and conclusion)  [click here]

3.  Tony Tarr goes hunting with "Start Load":
  • Tony shoots Sika with .270 Winchester using a 110 grain Bullet "Start Load"! [click here]

4.  Neil Parlane goes hunting with GS Custom Bullets:
  • Large Red Stag shot with .280 Remington using 116 grain GS Custom Bullet [click here]